Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kick Scooters

Thu and I got Xootr kick scooters last weekend. They are pretty awesome.

Despite California being so environmental, it's a major pain to ride a bike here. Yep, California, you suck at green. On the road, bikers are lucky to get a lane for themselves. But even then, the severe lack of driving skills scares me off the road. To top it all off, bike racks are super rare. I could take my bike in with me to my appartment I guess, but at the grocery store? restaurants? my office? Not so much.

Where scooters win is their portability. You can ride on the sidewalks and then fold them up and carry them with a shoulder strap.

In high school, having a car was freedom. Now I feel the same way with a kick scooter because I can go further than walking, but I'm free from using oil. With all the anger over BP's fuckup, it's nice to be able to actually do something about it.


John said...

Kick scooters gives your child a valid reason to play out in the garden. As nowadays most of the children are technology ridden, they hardly go out to play.

Kick scooters

Vintage Leather Bags said...

Kick scooters is always fun