Monday, June 26, 2006

Car washes

Californians love car washes. Not just getting their car cleaned, but super expensive, wait in line forever until four guys scrub it down car washes. They love it so much that I've been stuck behind the line they create out into the regular traffic twice in the last 3 days. It's not even like Colorado where it's dry and dusty in the summer or slushy and magnesium chloride-y in the winter. This does, however create a noticeable difference between people like me me and people who give a crap about their cars, so maybe it's a social thing.

Today's music is Jale (pronounced jalay? jail? halay? English is fun!) If you're looking for some good down tempo electro-guitar girl rock, check them out.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

It's superficial update time, because I get better response from it :) So much for the idealistic dream that I could influence people on the web ;)

Work's kicking my ass, but I'm still enjoying it. It's fun being the center of so many secret projects at Apple. No, I can't tell you about them, but some of these things are going to be totally sweet. Today, I'm getting things done around the house including cutting my hair, mopping the floors and scrubbing the sinks and tub. Then I get to go to the beach :)

Music: Hot Hot Heat. They've got a funny name, but a really fun sound :) My favorite song is "Talk to me, Dance with me"

Saturday, June 10, 2006


I saw Cars last night and Pixar has done it again! It was a great movie and the animation was fantastic. A movie like cars wouldn't have been possible a couple years ago, because the time spent rendering would have out lasted the time spent writing and modeling. What's the difference in this movie? Rendering reflections requires Ray-tracing meaning you take a ray from your eyes (the camera) and follow what it sees after bouncing off various objects. The time it takes to do this is huge, as I have discovered while rendering my own projects.

Also, I wouldn't have noticed if Jessie hadn't said she heard somewhere that the last couple were not Lasseter projects, but I could tell the humor in this was more adult themed, in line with Bugs Life and Toy Story. Just think about Woody and Little Bo Peep as opposed to Sully and Boo or Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and you'll know what I mean. I would be fun to be a kid and watch these, then grow up and watch them again because the delivery of the adult jokes is so subtle that kids never even realize they're being left out of the fun. I'll be glad to see the movie again because there were things even I missed that we discussed at dinner afterwards.