Saturday, April 15, 2006

Creative day

Today was a good day. First, a friend of mine ran out of gas last night so she stayed at my apartment to figure out the car problem later. In the morning, we walked to the gas station and asked for a gas can so we could take it back and start her car. The gas can was, in a word, stupid. The spout leaked when you tried to pour it and we got more on the ground than in her car. But after constructing a rudimentary funnel by cutting off the top part of a plastic bottle at an angle it made a perfect extension to the spout. In hindsight, the formulation of the idea never had it's usual progression. I was clueless thinking about how I could syphon the gas with some rubber tubing and suddenly I had the great idea of constructing a funnel. It reminded me of the movie "Bishop's Wife" where Cary Grant told the little girl that angles put good ideas in people's heads.

The second bit of creativity probably had nothing to do with angels. I made a pizza tonight with red onion, KC bbq sauce, spicy red sauce, Pecans and a little bit of fresh rosemary I'm growing on my deck. It was quite delicious, though more rosemary and less bbq would have been a better balance of flavors.

The album for today is: Creative Kings - Riot on an Empty street. It's very chill; It makes me want to buy a record player so I can listen to it in front of a fire with friends. There, in the flickering light, I sip herbal tea and contemplate what they think about time travel, salvation, and memories. We have nothing but fond memories, lively debate, and completely original hypotheses that verge on absurd, but contain enough truth to merit discussion. Furthermore, we have no apprehension that this blissful moment will slip from our grasp because this night will last halfway to eternity; the other half being the rosy dawn, when we prepare a fine breakfast and retreat to an isolated meadow to waste the day watching clouds pass. What I'm trying to say here is, I recommend this album.

I didn't know if you wanted to
But I came to pick you up
You didn't even hesitate
And now you and me are on our way
I think I've bought everything we need
Don't look back, don't think of the
All the places we should've been
It's a good thing that you came along with me

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