Thursday, May 31, 2007

Russian Party

Last Memorial day I went to Tanya's Mom's birthday. It was really good, there was so much food. Every time I finished something, someone offered (or simply spooned onto my plate) something new I had never seen before. Caviar, soup made with gelatin so it's eaten like pie, stuffed fish, hand picked mushrooms, Russian salad, spiced chicken, duck liver, and so much more I can't even describe the ingredients but it was delicious.

After an hour of eating I was getting pretty full and I told Tanya it was about time I slowed down to save room for cake. She asked me, “What about the '0Hot meal'?” Yes, we had been eating for an hour and there was a whole 'nother meal coming. And then fruit. And then Desert. And then Cake. And all throughout, wine and vodka. There were 30+ people present who ate more than any Thanksgiving meal I've ever seen and yet there was still plate upon plate of leftovers. People sang, gave toasts, performed acrobatics and I understood none of it but enjoyed it none the less.

Russian's know how to party.

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