Monday, May 08, 2006

Tool - 10,000 Days

This post brought to you by Tool - 10,000 Days. Quite literally, I mean I posted yesterday and my track record isn't that great for posting twice in two days. The music on this disk is pretty good. I like Tool, but it's never been anything too special to me and this album is just slightly better so I like it.

I didn't start this post to write about above average music, I wrote it to tell everyone about the FREEKIN' AWESOME BOX!!! It's so cool! There's a flap, with two plastic lenses and each page of the booklet has double images on it. When viewed through the lenses, everything is in 3D! it's so cool! The images are creepy but just fascinating to look at. This is the first CD I've bought in a while because my co-worker was raving about the box. THIS is what's going to stop me from downloading :)

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