Wednesday, March 08, 2006

When I drove to California, I had lots of time to think. One of the ideas I came up with related directly to driving. While I driving down the road in my U-Haul, I realized I see a whole different class of cars when I can't go that fast as when I'm speeding along in my regular car. I see much less slow cars, and much more fast cars. This led me to think about life in general... When you're traveling along in life, you tend to meet up with people going either much faster than you or much slower. These encounters are short lived and generally ill fated, because you aren't moving at the same pace as the cars around you. This is a lesson for a lot of the girls in my life *coughsharonhannahaliceheatherlizcough*. They are all expecting to establish meaningful relationships while they're speeding along, finishing school, going to grad school and pursueing a professional career. They need to realize that the people they meet are moving much slower than them, and they can't lower their standards just so a slow moving vehicle can keep up. Is life doomed to passing cars left and right until the police pull you over? No, I think we all find our correct road eventually. Some people exit to the residental life and mosey along at a slow pace and others find themselves on the Autobon. Either way, you end up with people going the same pace as you, and when you look around they never pass you or drag behind. It's just a matter of time before you finally find the group of people you can keep pace with, and those are the ones you should create meaningful relationships with.

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Jessie K. said...

nice analogy you came up with... i like it.