Monday, March 06, 2006


Good trip, but it's good to be home. When talking to Jessie today, we came to the decision that happiness is not a tank to be filled, it's a binary output based on the sum of all inputs. What that means is, we could be happier together right now, but being apart doesn't mean we're automatically 70% happy like turning in an assignment late with further deductions based on how much you suck at life. It also doesn't mean that time will cause happiness to leak away or slowly build up over time like rain in a bucket. It's something so unnatural in nature to be able to reverse so quickly. It's good to realize that although any one thing might crush your day, moments later you might experience the most beautiful thing in the world if you only keep your eyes open to see it. I'm pretty sure that covers it, but I may have to write more in order to explain it fully.

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Jessie "Me" K. said...

Yay! troy i love you!!!!!!! mwah!