Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More California Stuff

Things are going really well here I'd say. It may be 10 degrees warmer in Boulder and sunny, but the rain here is like a summer rain. People here complain like it's the depth of winter, but it's been quite nice all things considered. I've decided I really like where I live, despite people warning me that Sunnyvale was a family overrun suburb. When people said that, I pictured Louisville or worse, Superior; but it's not like that. I live within a block of an Albertsons, Starbucks, Pizza hut, a donut shop, a KFC, a Bread place (I guess they serve breakfast) a BBQ place, a barber shop, dry cleaners and a gas station. I'm probably within walking distance of Murphy Street (the local downtown with no less than 4 irish pubs, some sushi places and Target) but I haven't tried yet. I was sick this weekend when I would have tried that ~1 mile hike. 

I also heard that class-ism was big here, but it's not so bad. My car and/or clothes aren't great, but I don't feel like anyone looks down on me for it. People are way to self centered to care about other people. Still working out a definitive plan for meeting people... I'm going to try the Irish pubs like I said, but if they're anything like Boulder it'll be old married people. Kristen told me to try churches with strong singles groups, which despite loving Jessie very much might be worth while. I'm looking to meet other people in their 20s in professional careers but preferably not programming ;)

I'm coming home this weekend! Give me a call if you want to hang out.

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