Sunday, February 26, 2006


Oct. 5, 2005++++++Recently I've discovered that I have some peculiar handwriting habits. For example, when I write a lower case "h" followed by "e" the h looses the curve and the right-most leg and combines directly with the e. Because of this, the h character looks more like a backwards checkmark or a laem l which has stubbed it's toe. I'm sure you're thinking, "Big deal, Troy. Your handwriting sucks anyway" but it's crippled my note taking ability. Every time I write "the" or "another" I stumble over the words and I contemplate the evolution of my handwriting. If I'm aware of it, I can't do it the same and that slows me down even more. As a final blow, I've begun loosing the game every time it happens and I cheat because I'm in class and I don't want to interrupt. Can you say senioritis?

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