Sunday, February 26, 2006


April 7, 2005++++++I love volleyball :) First things first. I woke up feeling refreshed and early enough to cook eggs for breakfast. Then I left with an hour to get to class (usually takes 40 minutes) so highway 36 was actually relaxing. I was turning left from foothills to baseline and the chick next to me veered into my lane, but a second later I hear a siren from the unmarked police car next to me and she gets busted. Later in the day, I go to my 5:00 class and it's in Hale so it has windows! but the professor had to close them for the projector, so I got up and left. I talked to 4 people about going on a hike but none would go with me so I went by myself, feeling all lonely to stick my feet in boulder creek. Coming back, I see 5 guys playing volleyball and I ask to join them and we end up playing till dark. Volleyball is my favorite thing in the world. And this was great because they were all good players, but I was just slightly better than all but one guy :) So that's easily the best day I've had in a long time. (could be that it didn't involve any girls??)

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