Sunday, February 26, 2006

"Mouse" Davies

School is Back!!++++++My first class today was Object Oriented Programming and Design. The professor, who was late coming in looked a lot like Jim Carry, and later I found out he talked like him too (lots of movement.) Anyway, he came in and set a huge black plastic bag down on the table and asked for 2 strong volunteers. In a class of CS majors, there aren't many but finally two came up and the teacher said, "Alright, we'll be right back. Dig in." Looking around at eachother, we finally went up to open the bag, expecting some sort of handouts (but the bag was far too large.) When the first student finally did open the bag, we found 5 boxes of pizza and the teacher who later introduced himself as "Mouse" Davies and the volunteers came in with a cooler full of soda. We spent the first part of class eating pizza and introducing ourselves and talking about Olympics. I bet you've never had a better first class.

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