Sunday, February 26, 2006


Oct. 17, 2005++++++This weekend I went to Grand Junction with Jessie to go rafting with her family. It was lots of fun and her family is way cool. I managed to stay on the raft through all the rapids, but right after the biggest one I tried to jump to a rock to tie down the raft and fell in. burrr. Other than that and a little head injury while helping her dad with the deck, it was a good trip. Which is good because last week kinda sucked. After taking my car in to replace spark plugs and wires for $265, it started overheating so I'm going to take it into the shop tomorrow to see if I can get that fixed. This is the reason I never took my old car in to get it's oil changed. Once you take it in once, it's a downward spiral of unending headachs. _Then_ I discovered that someone's been using my credit card online. I can contest the charges and I doubt I'll be liable for any of it but I had to cancel the card and wait 7-10 days for a new one. When's the last time you used cash for all your transactions for a whole week? I hate going inside to pay for gas. I sure hope the repair shop will accept a check, I'd rather not pay in a wad of $100s :-/

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