Sunday, February 26, 2006

Moving to California, Part 1

Feb 17, 2006++++++Okay.... I'm posting again which means I'm stable enough to spare some time to do so. When you just moved you go into killer ninja, survival-of-the-fittest, fight-or-flight and shower-if-you-have-time-to mode. But last night, I cooked my own meal for the first time in 2 weeks. Being self-sufficient is an important thing to the survivalist, which is why I was so happy to move out of the Motel 6 and into my apartment last Wednesday despite the fact that it meant having to sleep on the floor and use tee-shirts as towels. Each example of forthought becomes a small personal victory such as the small roll of toilet paper I almost put into a big, unidentifiable brown box but instead threw into the back seat of my car. I find it important to have someone to share those moments with, as well as the moments not so well thought out, and Jessie has been that to me for which I am eternally greatful. I arrived in California exhausted from driving at least 22 hours over 3 days and sleeping in the cab of the UHaul the night before. I searched all over for the self storage place I had found so easily online and unpacked my entire truck in 2.5 hours. Packing that same truck took 7 hours with help from Jessie and my neighbor Marc. With an hour to spare before the UHaul place closed, I took my empty truck back to navigate this new city I'd soon call home only to get terribly lost. I arrived 7 minutes after 5:00. I did what they recommend not to, and left the truck and hitch there so I didn't have to drive 14' of truck plus 10' of my own car through downtown San Jose. From there I went to the Motel, where I had reservations but my credit card was rejected! I was able to shorten the stay and it cleared but that was the last straw. Jessie was there for me just a phone call away and it made all the difference in the world to hear her voice. Anyway, all that is behind me and things are looking good for the future. I'll be posting more because I had a lot of time to just drive and think on my way down here, so I want to share those thoughts with you, my friends. I sincerely hope that you are all in good health, and I will see you soon.

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