Sunday, February 26, 2006

story time

June 25, 2005++++++Well children, another weekend... another story. Gather close while I tell the tale. Once upon a time there were a group of friends who went to Coldstone. Being bummed that a certain someone was leaving for the rest of the summer, I was being pretty quiet and detached from the group. Behind us in line was a cute girl, as there often are in Boulder. After standing in line for some time, I see Jay giving me the ol' wink'n'nod towards her so I distinctly remember thinking about not thinking about it (still with me kids?) and I took one long step backwards. I have no idea what I said, something about are you here alone and she said no so I pretty much let it drop. It's true, I don't know how to flirt. I went and got my icecream and then realized she said she was getting icecream for her sister who was outside. Now I'm kicking myself for a missed opportunity. The guy hands me my icecream and asks if I want anything else so I said, "yes, I'd like whatever she wants." She made the polite protest, let me pay and I got her phone number. Yes it was a truly uncharacteristic moment for me to recover from my blunder but the look on Jay's face was more than worth it.

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